YC Development

MahSima Madhoosh

Technical & Sales Engineer/ REDA KIMIA
(Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Unit)


  1. Dana Energy co.
  2. NIOC.
  3. Chemreaktivsnab Company.
  4. Tofan Zehni Fanavari Consulting Engineers Co.
  5. Nargan Amitis Energy Development Company (NAED).
  6. Persita Energia Co.
  7. Iran Polymer and petrochemical institute
  8. Shiraz university.
  9. Research institute of petroleum Industry
  10. Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

Fatemeh Azimi

student at Petroleum University of Technology
Master of oil and gas law major

Back Coordinator

Road Map

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What's Said About us?

With the efforts of local experts, oil as a national asset -as we moved from past generations to the present generation- with preserving production, while supplying the welfare and national authority, should be left for future generations.

Dr. M.A, Emadi