WPC YP Connect on Linked-In

WPC YP Connect on Linked-In
“WPC YP Connect” is your one-stop for collaborate, discuss and share industry insights, diverse news, and thoughtful posts focused on the WPC  events, initiatives and key pillars:
  • Talent development
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Diversity/Gender parity
    and Entrepreneurism.

http://WPC YP Connect Report

Iran Oil Industry Young Professionals Committee to World Petroleum Council,
try to introduce this platform to more young professionals in industry & university students in the world.

WPC YP CONNECT in LinkedIn Team Proposal (cycle 2017-2020)

WPC YP CONNECT in LinkedIn Team Proposal (cycle 2017-2020)

WPC YP CONNECT in LinkedIn Team Proposal
for cycle 2017-2020


History & Introduction:

As History of LinkedIn member in cycle 2014~2017(2,000 Member), therefore we need to move forward on YP Connect. The target is as follow:

  • 3000 people in the group by the end of the 2018.
  • 3500 people in the group by the end of the 2019.
  • 4000 people in the group by the end of the 2020.

We provide a lot of valuable inputs on how we should run the platform and we would like to give the synthesis of these discussions to be included in the proposal we should be working on.

In the meantime, and with the view of reaching the critical mass, providing valuable (and diverse) content and leveraging this network, we act as Community Lead to support our efforts. Therefore, team member will keep posting content on a regular basis to nurture the group. Team member have put together our thoughts and we agree on the way forward.


What we propose:

As a matter of fact, LinkedIn team priority before gaining in control is to mass invite additional students and young professionals, create content across the board encouraging more discussions and have posts that may speak to greater volumes of people. Team member need to consider YP Connect not only as a debate tool (which may work in the future with the right amount of members) but also as a fantastic network accessible for all our initiatives, starting with Russia in 2014 and continuous with Turkey in 2017 and USA in 2020,… .

Therefore, LinkedIn team need more valuable content, more “mentions”, diversity of media (videos and pictures too), get partners association to contribute and building a network of content aggregators who may push relevant content.


 Settings and group presentation:

  • The group will remain “standard” so that any member can invite new members and the group appears in search results. Until team reach the critical mass, we will not reshape the selection process.
  • Group information has been updated to reflect the vision and mission statements.
  • The group has been named WPC YP Connect to fit with our new identity.

Managers  & Moderator:

  • We expect to prepare and validate the critical posts of the communications campaigns (recruitment, survey, magazine, program…).
  • Russia, USA YP representatives and moderator of projects (Magazine, Survey, mentoring, connect, NC Network and TLS, FLF,…) should be more involve and “moderators” in the group.
  • All WPC YP Committee members will be “moderators” so that they can also contribute on non-strategic posts.


Communications planning:

  • We are planning data of the different program in one Excel document. We try to updating based on the latest information we have received from the group leaders, YP representatives, local content activities, NC Network for WPC YPCs, WPC, 6th WPC Youth Forum (FLF) and 23rd WPC, workshops, conferences and events.
  • This tool is really valuable. Built on the pillars coming from the survey, it offers the opportunity to plan ahead what we are going to post and initiate one debate a week on a pressing issue.
  • We have already proposed a few topics. You are invited to propose some others.
  • The first new tab expands the monthly overview of where each of the WPC General Planning tasks may fall across a period of time.
  • The second new tab will be further built out, and what we have started is a template to plan and track weekly 1) what content will be pushed aligning with one of the key pillars and 2) what tactics are covered that can help keep content fresh and differentiated.
  • Ideally, content is planned and published that consistently promotes the WPC brand and WPC YP, global events, publications etc as they relate to future leaders. This is interspersed with other planned content and content that is posted by volunteers/members of the group.


Next steps:

  • The priority is to enlarge the audience. LinkedIn team preparing an email to the YP Committee to restate the importance for them to invite their contacts. We will then send this as a reminder on a regular basis.
  • Plan, content ideas, update roadmap (In Progress).
  • Propose to the NC also use YP Connect to promote their initiatives. This is the centralized point for content, discussions and communications for WPC YP as well as the WPC brand, WPC events, content partners, WPC YP pillars, and global issues in oil & gas. This is a platform to showcase the WPC, WPC YP and others.


Forthcoming strategic topics:

– Volunteer contact form

– 6th WPC Future Leaders Forum Programme

– Registration / Call for papers for Magazine

–  Survey


– NC Network Development of WPC Young Professionals National Committee (YPCs)

– Magazine

– Mentoring

-TLS, Workshops, conferences,…

– 23rd WPC

So, some progresses have been made which should help you moving forward with your proposal. LinkedIn Team need to move on faster.


Parallel trends:

  • Providing content and publication opportunities

The moderators should provide rich and interesting content for the network. This is what has started in the plan provided by LinkedIn Team. The more interesting they will be, the more people will tend posting their message on them. In addition, during the growth of the number of our participants, LinkedIn team also need to make sure the others do not feel frustrated not being able to post topics of interests for them. This is why LinkedIn team cannot afford stopping them. Their posts are also an amazing opportunity for us to identify key topics of interest which may be outside of our radar.

In addition, considering the nature of the LinkedIn group (wall should be living, notifications sent to all only when posts are made…), LinkedIn team need to ensure it’s constantly fed.

  • Encouraging nurtured debate

Although LinkedIn team don’t prevent our network from posting, we also agreed that we need to encourage discussions on existing topics based on their expertise and interests.


Other points:

If there are items we think need immediate posting, or immediate comments to be made on posts – especially older posts – we remain happy to proofread and help craft the message.


LinkedIn Team only say this because we are not a typical technical or engineering role. We work with words. It is communications and strategy focused on: writing, content development, marketing strategy, social media strategy, brand management, campaigns, etc.


From a community manager standpoint, here is what we believe that we should be looking to achieve- this is what we strive for in professional work, and we would like to make the same contribution here, for the committee, and for all of the work that LinkedIn team have achieved so far, but only if it is welcome.


  • Consistency in messaging and tone; content is spell checked and proofread.
  • Quality control in an active feed- without inundation of content (for example – best practices would urge that a community manager is like a facilitator or moderator – not too passive, not too aggressive, allowing content and comments to develop as organically as possible. Then LinkedIn team look at the trends, analyze the data, and respond accordingly with future content strategy. LinkedIn team keep a post live for some amount of time, but we move on to new posts quickly as well. Majors like BP, Shell, etc are good companies to follow to understand this type of posting strategy).
  • Quality control in terms of commenting- as a community manager, messaging should represent the brand and be consistent.
  • Timing is everything. WPC & WPC YP branded notifications are a key goal as to why one would post diverse content: get an engaged audience, and then initiate a campaign strategically. That means ideally all the information is contained in a post – the posts are placed strategically- and don’t conflict with each other. Maximize the message you are trying to send at one time.


These are some tips we’ve learned along the way.


LinkedIn team think it may be time to pause to see if there is a way to converge the different paths being taken here.


LinkedIn Team also think – again, from a branding standpoint – this would need to be sorted before a mass email is drafted to WPC stakeholders and issued, inviting them to join and spread the word. We wouldn’t want to tell people to expect one thing, and then they arrive in the group and the content looks like it lacks a clear message.


(Special thanks to Stephane and Jillian for their inputs)


LinkedIn Team