World Petroleum Council’s UK Expert Workshop

World Petroleum Council’s UK Expert Workshop

From: Jillian Sherburne
Subject: Spread the Word: YP and Student Rates Available for the World Petroleum Council’s UK Expert Workshop

Hello all,

The UK National Committee is excited to share the details of the upcoming Expert Workshop to be held in London, Financing and de-risking the energy industry in a new global context’ 26-27 September 2017.

While we want to draw your attention to the the early bird discount deadline of this evening (31 July) – the main priority of my email is to ask for your support in promoting the workshop’s YP and Student Rates, which are available with no current deadline.

Below and attached please find the details. Can we ask you to please consider attending, and helping to spread the word across your committees, organisations and networks, for those Young Professionals and Students who may be located nearby or available to travel to London for this annual event.

We had a substantial YP presence at the 2016 UK National Committee Expert Workshop, and hope to repeat this success.

Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me with any questions. If you or colleagues will be in attendance, please keep us posted!

This Expert Workshop, which is organised by the UK Committee of the World Petroleum Council (WPC) and the Energy Institute, will bring together experts from the finance and energy industries to address funding challenges and to focus on possible financing solutions that facilitate the de-risking of the energy industry in the new global context.

Confirmed speakers include:
· Andrew Foster, Managing Director – Investment Banking Division, Morgan Stanley
· John Martin, Senior Vice President, World Petroleum Council
· Joost Bergsma, CEO and Managing Partner, Glennmont Partners
· Michael Waldron, Renewable Energy Markets Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)
· Wim Thomas, Chief Energy Adviser, Shell

Best regards,

Jillian Sherburne
Advisory Board, HERWorld Energy

In partnership with WPC Expert Workshop
Financing and de-risking the energy industry in a new global context
26 – 27 September 2017, London
Dear colleague,

Shortage of public equity funding and tighter, more stringent corporate credit conditions prevailing in the last few years have made the long-term financing of the energy industry a major management challenge. Although financing conditions have generally improved, there remains caution around risk management and mitigation as well as the essential requirement to achieve acceptable returns on invested capital.

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You Can Download The UK Expert Workshop Postcard Here .