WPC YP Connect on Linked-In

WPC YP Connect on Linked-In
“WPC YP Connect” is your one-stop for collaborate, discuss and share industry insights, diverse news, and thoughtful posts focused on the WPC  events, initiatives and key pillars:
  • Talent development
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Diversity/Gender parity
    and Entrepreneurism.

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Iran Oil Industry Young Professionals Committee to World Petroleum Council,
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Magazine and Newsletter Team Plan (Road to 2020)

Magazine & Newsletter team road map to 2020

Here is a brief description of Magazine & Newsletter team of IOI WPC YC plan to 2020. This topic is a preview of further goals which are managed in different sets of activity.

You are kindly asked to follow our progress in team web-page at:


Magazine and Newsletter Team Statement

Magazine and Newsletter Team Statement

Magazine and Newsletter Team Statement



Mag & Newsletter team is a multilateral part of the committee which mainly destinate to present the achievements of general YC feedback properly and envelope activities before, through and after each events. The main team strategy is to extend participation in both internal partnership and also put an eye to advance the field of occupation to external organizations with courses in common such as other internal journals and newsletter teams from other WPC members. The road map is defined to achieve these targets describing collective deliberation and getting involved as much as possible for each member to gain the maximum potential in cooperation since “more different ideas to come; superior choices to reach”.



There is no need to emphasize on the key role of teamwork when a group is going to come up together. WPC YC is an NGO so that every member had had inner motivations to join and taken the responsibility of tasks based on his/her abilities. Mag & Newsletter team because of its feature is calling for collaborating attribution and spirit of self-steem as it’s believed a great percent of team activities require innovation and not to avoid implementing conflict attitudes. Other essentials are briefly listed in the following:

  • Developing people is fundamental to sustain the growth of work capacity and quality
  • High performance is vital to qualify evaluations
  • Teamwork spirit and involvement
  • Commitment to diversity and the acceptance of dissimilarities


The base line of work perspective was stated in vision section but the main purpose of Mag & Newsletter team has not discussed exactly yet. As noted before there is no “the best” to define for a certain task since always better offers are feasible and also no scale is introduced to mark the outcome. Nevertheless some evaluations are executed during the process of establishment for any objectives to bring the most likely upshot of it. Intended result is approximately able to be expressed by approaching the most propagation of subjects to detect with the quality to assent. For example preparing each version of report for any single event, survey, competition,… or making into such authority to share feedback in prominent journals.