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Iran Oil Industry WPC Young Professionals Committee

Some of the qualities young people offer, such as active thinking, sensitivity to new issues and their powerful innovative potential, are vitally important to the future of the petroleum industry.
The World Petroleum Council and Iran Oil Industry WPC Young Professionals Committee, aware of the importance of providing young professionals and students with the significant role they deserve.
The energy of young people is a driving force for global sustainable development. This is an inexhaustible energy source that promotes innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and international cooperation between peers and senior experts in the energy field. The World Petroleum Council, being aware of the importance of providing young professionals and students with an active seat at the table.
The Young Professionals Committee actively contributes to the triennial World Petroleum Congress and plays a crucial role by putting together a wide range of interesting youth activities.
Young professionals and students interested in actively participating in the oil and gas industry, found a space to do so at the Youth Lounge where they were able to exchange their opinions, meet other professionals from the industry and share viewpoints with senior representatives of the petroleum sector and top executives from the world’s leading oil and gas companies.
Young leaders and professionals in the industry also have an opportunity to voice their interests and provide their perspective of the industry at the WPC Youth Forums.
Our Vision, Mission and value are as follow:
• Youth engaged in the petroleum industry to design a sustainable future
• Create and nurture a collaborative, global forum for young people to be heard;
• Champion new ideas within the petroleum industry;
• Promote a realistic image of the petroleum industry, its challenges and opportunities;
• Bridge the generation gap through mentorship networks.
• Transparency
• Integrity
• Diversity
• Social responsibility
• Environmental stewardship
• Technological innovation
• Long term thinking

Today, members of the WPC Young Professionals Committee include more than 20 young professionals aged below 35, nominated by the WPC National Committees worldwide.


IOI WPC YPC Organization Chart

History of Youth Event in WPC

In 2004: China launched the idea with the 1st WPC Youth Forum in Beijing showcasing the excellence of the next generation in the industry.
In 2009: The 2nd WPC Youth Forum was held in Paris. Under the theme of “Energize your Future” it provided an innovative approach to the challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas industry.
In November 2010 WPC hosted the 3rd WPC Youth Forum in New Delhi. Over 500 young people under 35 participated at the event where the best teams and individuals competed for prizes of up to $5,000 each and a trip to India.
In 2013: the 4th WPC Youth Forum was hosted in Calgary, Canada. It was organized entirely by young people who selected the theme of “Unconventional Solutions for an Unconventional World” for the event which attracted nearly 1600 participants from around the world.
In 2016: hosted in Rio de Janeiro under the auspices of the Brazilian National Committee. The Future Leaders Forum will take place alongside the Rio Oil and Gas Show, one of the largest industry events in the world, from the 26-27 October 2016.
The WPC Young Professionals Committee encourages all member countries to actively promote and involve young people in their activities and leadership, by nominating a Young Professionals Committee member from their country, to keep them in the National Committee and to set up their own national Young Professionals Committee.

You can join Iran Oil Industry WPC YC through one of the following ways:
World Wide: (2650Members up to now): https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8189962
Iran Oil Industry WPC YC in TELEGRAM: (285 Nominate members up to now)
Local Website: www.Worldpetroleum.ir
Local Email: info@worldpetroleum.ir
Registration Form: http://worldpetroleum.ir/en/world-petroleum-council-registeration
1st Secretariat Address: No. 307, Motahari St., Iranian Petroleum Institute, Tehran, Iran Po. Box: 14335/339
2nd Secretariat Address:
Unit 206, Floor 2, 12th Central office of NIOC, Negar St., Vanak Sq. , Tehran
PHONE: (+98) (21) 88874500 (EXT:2224): Mr. Mohammad Sabour Maleki.
For more info be in contact with Iran Young Representative in WPC YC Mr. Ali Rahneshin.
Mobile No: :(+98) (0)917 361 8097

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