NC Network Development of WPC YPCs

1) Context

The World Petroleum Council, aware of the importance of providing young professionals and students of the petroleum industry with a dedicated forum to exchange knowledge and raise their voice, launched the 1st WPC Youth Forum in China in 2004, the first initiative in which young people played a leading role in the WPC’s 80-year history. In 2006 the WPC created the first WPC Youth Committee (further renamed as WPC Young Professionals), with the aim to shape the global energy future by bringing together the passion and talents of industry students, young professionals and emerging leaders.

As of today, around 36 representatives under 35, nominated by the respective WPC National Committees (26 countries) for a 3-year cycle (around 30% of the member countries), implement a wide range of initiatives guided by their commitment to foster sustainable energy development and by their core values such as leadership, diversity, participation, sustainability, transparency, and excellence.

Following the 22nd World Petroleum Congress, the YP Committee mandated Ali Rahneshin (Iran YP Representative) to coordinate, broaden and energize the YPC networks at global, regional and country levels.


2) Objectives

The project ambitions to:

  1. Map existing YP National Committees and evaluate their development stage.
  2. Centralize existing YP National Committees’ best practices and foster experience sharing
  3. Provide current and future YP National Committees with guidelines to develop their national footprint, in alignment with the leadership of their National Committee.
  4. Boost the nomination of YP representative and committees by demonstrating the value created by YP initiatives.

The NC Network Development of WPC YPCs must be done at 5 different levels:

1. Countries with YP representatives:

  1. High level of activity ready to share best practices and guidelines with other YPCs (priority).
  2. Low or no level of national activity with the ambition to develop the local committee (priority).
  3. No short-term expectation to grow the national committee.

2. Countries without WPC YP representative:

  1. Existing or potential interest for students and young professionals’ initiatives (former representative, direct contact, industry profile) (priority).
  2. No short-term expectation to nominate a YP representative.

3) Ways of working and timeline

The project will run through the 2017-2020 cycle and be based on:

  1. Online surveys to aggregate data on YP committees and collect feedbacks.
  2. Formal workshops with countries with YP representatives to confirm YPC maturity, capture and share best practices.
  3. 1-to-1 meetings with NCs to raise awareness and identify new development opportunities.
  4. Legacy report consolidating the findings of the cycle and defining concrete guidelines to set up and grow YPCs.

The timeline will be as follows:

  • Map existing YP National Committees and evaluate their development stage.
  • Centralize existing YP National Committees’ best practices and foster experience sharing.
  • Share 2018 outcomes with YPCs through actionable guidelines.
  • Define development action plan, in alignment with the leadership of their National Committee.
  • Initiate 1:1 meeting with non-represented countries to boost the nomination of YP representative.
  • Refine and update mapping and guidelines.
  • Identify cooperation opportunities.
  • Secure new nominations from non-represented countries before Congress.

High Level Planning For NC Network Development of WPC YPCs For Cycle 2017-2020:

The output of NC Network Development of WPC YPCs will be shared during:

  • YP Committee meetings and Council meetings.
  • 6th WPC Youth Forum, Saint Petersburg, 2019.
  • 23rd WPC, Houston, 2020.

 Program of holding workshops of NC Networks Development of WPC YPCs

After Building up USA WPC YP in 22nd WPC in Istanbul, Iran Oil Industry WPC youth Committee started to Collaborate with them in order to achieve the goal of NC Network Development Initiative which is the task of us in the cycle 2017 to 2020. So we had talks and conversations with each other in order to develope their activities and network and gave them a presentation about Iran WPC YC and its activities in order to be a benchmark for the USA WPC YP. We are still in touch with each other and we share our experiences and best practices to grow both networks

We will start our mission from Kazakhstan, in Astana future energy EXPO, 2017. There will be workshops and presentations for the members and Coordinators of Kazakhstan WPC YP in order to develope the youth Committee.


Iran Oil Industry WPC youth committee representative is having a technical meeting with UK WPC YP in London on November, 16th, 2017 in order to share  experiences and best practices for growing networks and regional content development



Following the previous workshops and meetings in Astana, Paris, Vienna and London, the next program for NC Network Developement is a workshop for YPs of Poland on developing YP activities and enlarging the National Committee network in Krakow on Wednesday, May 2018 and after WPC EC-CPC meetings. In this workshop the best experiences and practices of YP s and NCs will be presented and the contributers will try to help Poland YP develop their activities in the best possibleway.

According to NC Network Development Program for WPC YPCs in the cycle 2017-2020, the sixth workshop of this initiative was held in Belgrade, Serbia during Tommorow’s Leaders Symposium on September,17th,2018. In this session, Ali Rahneshin presented the context, objectives and ways of working and timeline of NC Network Development of WPC YPCs for Serbian YPs and they both shared their experiences and best practices in order to build an active YP National Committee and raise awareness of YPs in Serbia about this initiative and identify new development opportunities.








Following the first workshop on NC Network Development of WPC YPCs in Astana on October, 7th, 2017 alongside with official opening of YP National Committee activities in Kazakhstan, the second workshop and meeting to monitor YP activities, raise their awareness and maturity and indentify new development opportunities is going to be held on october,2nd, 2018 during the WPC CPC, EC and YP meetings in Astana.