National Achievement

  • Implementation of the performance evaluation system and monitoring of teams and active members for the first time.
  • Facilitate the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry with the aim of transferring knowledge and experience as well as sending students and faculty members of Iran Oil Industry Research Institute
  • Organizing and holding the 1st international gathering on technology transfer in the oil and gas industry at the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry with three specialist panels of enhanced oil recovery, youth and women for the first time.
  • The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the Iranian Oil Industry Youth committee in World Oil Council with the public relations of National Iranian Oil Company, Dana Energy Company, Nargan Amitis company and Persita Energy company
  • Introduction of speaker from the countries of the World Petroleum Council to the International Conference of Association of Asian-Oceania Gas Vehicles
  • Recruitment of active members of IOI WPC YC in different private companies and Iranian petroleum institute
  • The establishment of the Secretariat of the Youth Committee and the 23rd WPC in the Iranian petroleum institute in 2017 ~ 2020 span and continuous cooperation with the Iranian petroleum institute.


International Achievements

  • Ranked 3rd in Paper acceptance for 22nd World Petroleum Council in 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Coordinating the acquisition of the Iran booth at the 22nd WPC Exhibition and the active participation of youth in presenting the Iran oil industry investment opportunities.
  • Quota for ministry panel dedicated being obtained by IOI WPC YC to introduce Iran oil, Gas industry investment opportunities.
  • 2 quotas for women to speech at the Specialized Panel on Social Responsibility in the Oil and Gas Industry and the Women’s Youth Panel for the first time in the history of Iran’s participation in the World Oil Council in the 22nd WPC.
  • Active presence of IOI WPC YC and Youth Representative of Iran Oil Industry in World Petroleum Council due to the activities and cooperation with the youth of other countries.
  • Achieve the title of the most active youth committee in 22nd world petroleum council and management quota admission in National committee network development team by Iran Oil youth representative.
  • Successful participation in Oil Olympics and achieve Gold Medal at the 22nd WPC by the active Women’s of youth committee
  • The active participation of the Youth Committee in official meetings with the Chamber of Commerce of France, The French petroleum service and supply industry, The OMV in Austria, The Energy Charter Organization (Energy Treaty Organization) and The Brussels Energy Club in Belgium, aiming to introduce investment opportunities In Iran’s oil and gas industries and technology transfer.
  • 2 quotas for Specialist Panels and Active Participation by Dr. Emadi, Member of the Planning Council of the World Petroleum Council and Representative of the Youth Committee of Iran at the International Oil Week in London
  • Planning and co-organizing of specialized workshop of the World Petroleum Council in Iran for the first time in 2019 with the cooperation and support of Iranian petroleum institute
  • Facilitate a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the British Energy Institute and the Iranian Petroleum Association regarding the standardization of equipment certification
  • 3 quotas for Mentee and 2 Mentor quotas in the International Mentorship Program of the World Oil Council in 2017-2014, as well as 2 Mentee quotas and 1 Mentor quota in the International Mentorship Program of the World Oil Council in 2017 ~ 2020. Besides, 7 quotas for participation at 22nd WPC.