Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to implement the Board’s fiduciary, strategic, and generative plans, policies, and decisions consistent with the organization’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles. The Executive Committee supports the CHAIR and engages in decision making between Board meetings or in urgent and crisis circumstances.

Erfan Hasheminasab

M.Sc. Student of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Engineering,
Amirkabir University of Technology



Coordiantor statement:
IOI WPC YC tend to build up a network in the scale of international collaboration to have the sufficient competencies linked into specific planned objectives and events by developing communication between young professionals and students to put their executives under surveillance as a fellowship which is considered to be a site for these future leaders of the upcoming generation.

Key Responsibilities

1. The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the will of the Board, with appropriate level of input from the Board before decisions are made, appropriate
representation of the discourse to the Board, and voting by the Board where appropriate. Appropriateness is to be defined by the Executive Committee, with the
ability of the Board to refine this definition over time.

2. Meet regularly with the CHAIR and her/his designated staff on behalf of the Board to provide support and counsel on executive decisions.

3. Monitor and evaluate progress toward strategic goals and initiatives and provide counsel to the CHAIR regarding the same, to include timely presentations to the full Board.

4. Facilitate cohesive communications, feedback loops, decision-making and alignment between the Board, Board committees and staff.

5. Led by the Board Chair, oversee the day-to-day implementation of the Board’s policies