Process Safety Management (PSM+) Webinar

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🔰 Process Safety Management +🔰

📢This course is being organized by Iran Oil Industry National Committee & Young Professionals Committee to WPC in contribution with BAM Farayand System as an Intl. webinar on 30th Sep to 2nd Oct entitled Process Safety Management (PSM)+.
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📌 Webinar Pillars:
🔻 PSM implementation pros & cons
🔻 Decisions to be made by managers within PSM implementation
🔻 Knowledge, believes & viewpoints
🔻 PSM outlook

📑 Agenda:
🔷 1st day; 30th Sep:
🔹 PSM implementation & institutionalizing process and conceptual
🔹 The necessity of PSM localization; case-by-case for each company
🔶 2nd day; 1st Oct:
🔸 Organizational culture role in PSM implementation
🔸 Managers commitment impact on PSM success rate
🔸 Solutions to enhance managers commitment to PSM; roles & responsibilities
🔷 3rd day; 2nd Oct:
🔹 New technologies application to achieve PSM 4.0.

🟢 Instructors:

Nigel Bowker
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Emad Roayaei
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Seyyed Mojtaba Abtahi
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Fabienne Salimi
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International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress (Newsletter) – Russia (Nov, 2019)

International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress (Newsletter) – Russia (Nov, 2019)

On 18 – 21 November 2019, the 11th International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons” was held at Gubkin University. The event was organized by Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter.

The main theme of the plenary session was “Transformation of the Oil and Gas Industry”. The program of the congress included the technical sessions in geosciences, drilling and completion, oil and gas field development, oil and gas transportation, storage and logistics, health, safety, environment, oil and gas chemistry, petroleum economics and management, smart technologies. In addition, two sessions in oil and gas exploration and production, and oilfield services, oil and gas marketing and processing were held for postgraduate students. During the technical sessions, 70 students delivered their presentations. The representatives of companies and universities acted as judges of the technical sessions.

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XII Kazenergy Youth Forum

XII Kazenergy Youth Forum

IOI WPC YPC delegates to participate in the XII Kazenergy forum  hosted by the collegue, KAZENERGY, in the following to the collaborative proceedings under the signed MoU.

The mutual meeting with kazenergy youth committee within the main event calendar, managed to discuss the terms of action and sharing experiences on:
1. Role of women in Iran WPC expert workshop
2. Women place in Iranian oil and gas industry
3. Assess the gender diversity and its roll in future industry
(Presented at the main event as successful exercises)
4. Review initiatives and best practices of Iran and Kazakhstan YPCs, particularly evolving the contribution and developing the members engagement in youth committees
5. Idea exchange to enhance cooperation .
Furthermore, Kazakhstan YPC granted Iranian delegates a memento of partnerships
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Job Opportunity – EIED Company

Job Opportunity – EIED Company

EIED was formally established in 1996

But its activities was started as OIEC’s engineering division since 1989, so EIED carries a legacy of near three decades of experience in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (OGP) industries. EIED has earned the reputation of a highly qualified company in the Energy and OGP industries and is specialized in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM).

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