Process Safety Management (PSM+) Webinar

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🔰 Process Safety Management +🔰

📢This course is being organized by Iran Oil Industry National Committee & Young Professionals Committee to WPC in contribution with BAM Farayand System as an Intl. webinar on 30th Sep to 2nd Oct entitled Process Safety Management (PSM)+.
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📌 Webinar Pillars:
🔻 PSM implementation pros & cons
🔻 Decisions to be made by managers within PSM implementation
🔻 Knowledge, believes & viewpoints
🔻 PSM outlook

📑 Agenda:
🔷 1st day; 30th Sep:
🔹 PSM implementation & institutionalizing process and conceptual
🔹 The necessity of PSM localization; case-by-case for each company
🔶 2nd day; 1st Oct:
🔸 Organizational culture role in PSM implementation
🔸 Managers commitment impact on PSM success rate
🔸 Solutions to enhance managers commitment to PSM; roles & responsibilities
🔷 3rd day; 2nd Oct:
🔹 New technologies application to achieve PSM 4.0.

🟢 Instructors:

Nigel Bowker
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Emad Roayaei
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Seyyed Mojtaba Abtahi
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Fabienne Salimi
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Future Leaders Forum 2019

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2nd WPC Leadership Conference

2nd WPC Leadership Conference

Responsibility, Cooperation & Sustainability
Organized by the WPC and the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI), this 3-day conference will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, India.

Through responsible actions and close cooperation with all stakeholders, the oil and gas industry will be able to contribute to sustainable solutions. The World Petroleum Council will be bringing together industry leaders to discuss and demonstrate the best available technology and practices in order to minimize impacts and risks to the people and environments where we operate around the world. By highlighting the industry’s global strategies we can contribute to raising the standards across the sector.

The President of the World Petroleum Council, Mr. Tor Fjaeran, encourages all to participate: “Given the complexity and challenges that the petroleum business will face in delivering energy for sustainable development of the world, responsible culture needs to be incorporated at all levels, from the small communities where we operate and throughout our global business. Stable long-term relationships and cooperation with all stakeholders enable our industry to provide sustainable energy for all.
Now on its 2nd Edition, WPC Leadership Conference will be held at the Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai, India on the 18 – 20 of February 2019.

For More Information please look at the following address:

For those who are interested in but there is a problem of online payment for the registration, IOI WPC YC is able to manage this issue by the help of National Committee, asking the organizer to register those introduced participants on site. You are kindly invited to fill The Registration Form before 30 December 2018 :

You can download Conference Outline at the following address:

Practical Well Test Analysis – Workshop

Practical Well Test Analysis – Workshop

كميته جوانان صنعت نفت ايران در شوراى جهانى نفت با همکارى
انجمن نفت ايران و شركت ول سرويسز ایران ( روش‌هاى شلامبرژه) برگزار مي‌كند

دوره چاه آزمایی کاربردی (Practical Well Test Analysis)


 دکتر حسن بهرامی

دکتری مهندسی نفت ، دانشگاه کرتین استرالیا
کارشناسی ارشد مهندسی نفت (مخزن) ، دانشگاه صنعتی شریف

سرفصل های دوره چاه آزمایی کاربردی

– مبانی چاه آزمایی از تئوری تا کاربردی

– تشخیص جریان در اطراف انواع مختلف چاه از عمودی تا انحرافی و افقی

– چاه آزمایی در مخازن نفتی و گازی

– تفسیر چاه آزمایی در مخازن شکافدار

– مزایای عملیاتی تفسیر چاه آزمایی با ابزار PLT

– روش های عددی در تفسیر چاه آزمایی

– چاه آزمایی در چاه های تزریقی و مخزنی که به صورت طبیعی جریان ندارند

هزینه ثبت نام

– دانشجویان 200 هزار تومان
– شرکت ها و موسسات همکار 300 هزار تومان
– افراد صنعتی 500 هزار تومان

تاریخ و محل برگزاری

15 و 16 مهرماه ، انجمن نفت ایران
– ساعت 10 تا 15

برای ثبت نام کلیک کنید