Survey Team Timeline (8th months plan)

A short eight-month plan has been considered for the survey team (Aug 2019-Apr 2020). In the subsequent six months, the survey team intends to conduct three surveys for the following events: HSE Workshop, Future Energy, and 2nd Iran YP Awards. The survey of the HSE Workshop will be conducted in order to improve the quality of our events. The second survey relates to the Future Energy congress with the aim of mitigation of industrial challenges. The last survey tends to ameliorate the future Iran YP Awards congresses qualitatively. The provided timeline represents the summary of the considered plan, which is downloadable through below link.



WPC Youth Writing Fellowship Program

WPC Youth Writing Fellowship Program

The WPC Youth community connects an exclusive group of the world’s most talented youth in the oil and gas industry. They have become powerful inspirational leaders for the youth around the globe, a reference of excellence in the oil and gas industry that interacts with today’s most prominent industry figures.

During the past years, the oil and gas industry has been exposed to various events that have highlighted great challenges to the current energy system. However, energy issues are profoundly linked with the development of our societies, their economies and the well being of our people. Therefore, creating a sustainable energy future should be the main concern of today’s youth. The WPC Youth Committee aspires to provide the premier forum for these discussions while engaging senior leaders.

The energy industry today is now more open to views and ideas from younger generations. Utilizing this opportunity WPC YC has initiated the inaugural WPC Youth Writing Fellowship Program

Please click here and download the file to know more about us.


Collaboration Declaration of Writing fellowship Team

Collaboration Declaration of Writing fellowship Team

Collaboration Declaration

Writing fellowship team of IOI WPC YC is intended to announce a brand new stage of collaboration as responsiveness to implementation of young expertise potency and academic talents in petroleum industry aiming to depict these capacity under the title of a well-reputed international platform.

For more information download the description file.