Awards Forums

F1- Energy Management
In this section of awards, the judge panel is looking for specialists who has the point of view of energy management, saving reserves for future and renewable energies. So the participants should prove the following requirements to the judge panel:

  • Applicability of project in Iran and its novelty would be taken into account
  • Case studies would be preferred by judge panel
  • Some considerable subjects are: energy form, energy sources, energy carriers, and sustainability

Results should be clarified for judge panel.

This award is aimed for specialists that handled the EOR/ IOR problems as technologically, experimentally or studies. So the participants should have the following conditions:

  • Improving recovery must be validated by considering cost effective methods
  • Rock and fluid interactions should be investigated
  • The feasibility of the project and its importance should be clarified for judging panel

The presented project should has a novelty or at least be a case study. Participants must be able to validate the success of their project with proven results.

F3- Asset Integrity Technology
This award aimed for any section of petroleum industry (onshore / offshore / subsea). Judge panel would have been looking for:

  • Reducing risks
  • Increasing safety
  • Increasing reliability
  • Improving environmental performances

Like other section of awards, having novelty and doing case studies are more favorable for judge panel

F4- Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development
In this section of awards the problems with environment, occupation of health and safety, community health and safety and construction and decommissioning are aimed. So the following ideas would be suggested:

  • Incident Types
  • Safety Rates
  • Man Hours
  • Body Parts
  • Geographical Locations (Maps)
  • Organization Hierarchy
  • Comparison to Peers
  • Roll up and Drill-through

Most favorable projects would be the innovative ones and those have case study results.

F5- Chemical, Catalyst and Adsorption

  • Chemical, Catalyst and adsorption

Iran has one of the greatest chemical and petrochemical industry, so catalysts and their related studies are so important. So in this section of awards, the favorable project should have following requirements:

  • Two important parameters are: 1- optimizing the efficiency of process and 2-minimizing costs
  • All important conditions in industry should be considered (ie: pressure, temperature, adsorption and etc)
  • In the case adsorption, every available chemicals could be investigated

Judge panel would seek to find novelties and case studies

F6- Data & Project Management
This award aimed to find best solutions for petroleum industry by using available data and minimizing the costs of new studies by doing project management. So if your project meets the following requirements, you would be a candidate to receive award:

  • The project should be a novelty method of data management or a succeeded case study. The project also could be a case of managing a project due to minimize costs of solve a really important matter of petroleum industry
  • Judge panel would seek for projects that are applicable in Iranian petroleum industry

F7- Drilling and Completion
In this category, specialists can present their novelties due to optimize production and decrease costs. Judge panel seeks for who can satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  • The most important parameters are: optimizing production and minimizing the costs
  • Minimizing the waiting time of a drilling process
  • Optimization of every part of drilling and completion

The presented project should has a novelty or at least be a case study. Participants must be able to validate the success of their project with proven results.

F8- Application of Nano-technology in Petroleum Industry
This section of award is seeking for specialists who have a new idea in the application of nano-technologies in petroleum industry, by considering industrial limitation. The following conditions would be applied to select winner:

  • The applicability of the nanoparticle that had been used must be verified by judging panel, so the used nanoparticle must theoretically satisfy the limitations of industry
  • The synthesized nano-prticles are more favorable and would have special points

Participants must be able to validate the success of their project with proven results.

F9- Innovative Technologies
The award of innovative technologies aimed to find the best talents in creativity and innovation to simplify energy usage, recovery, management and etc. So the following requirements would be checked for participants:

  • The submitted project must be really innovative and respect copyright
  • The submitted project should be applicable
  • If the innovation is already had been used in a specific part of petroleum industry, some special points would be considered

Judge panel would try to find the best by considering above conditions